Doranne Beauty


We offer a range of Makeup services such as:
• Bridal Makeup
• Traditional/Engagement
• Home service and Studio Makeovers
• Monthly Makeup classes
• Special Makeup Master classes for events

All in a bid to ensure our clients are spoilt with options and satisfied.
Doranne Beauty has a number of professionals who work towards nothing less than providing quality and exceptional service to clients.

Very concerned with total customer satisfaction, we operate an active contact system (email, social media &mobile phone numbers) for bookings and customer feedback.

At Doranne Beauty we seek to SERVE our clients through impeccable Makeup Artistry.

Theodora Anne Mogo, CEO of Doranne Beauty

Theodora Anne Mogo the CEO of Doranne Beauty is the first of the two beautiful Mogo sisters, born on the 27th of March. She attended Babcock University and graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Mass communication.
This young entrepreneur found herself entangled in the world of beauty after completing a beginners makeup training program. As her passion for beauty continued to grow, she dedicated the bulk of her time-when not neck deep in her academics- to learning more about hair, makeup and beauty in general.
Theodora being the hardworking young lady that she is began dealing in the sales of quality human hair and offering part time makeup services to a couple of her friends and family in her second year in the university. After years of joggling between her miniature entrepreneurship and school, she practiced as a public relations officer at West African Eclipse. Miss Mogo finally found her strength and went into full time Makeup.
Theodora who is a strong believer in her faith, has never stopped enforcing the mantra that beauty comes from within however, makeup only defines a woman’s physical appearance. With hard work, God and the most supportive family and friends on her side, the sophisticated Theodora Anne Mogo has been able to break many barriers with her talent in makeup artistry.